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If you're planning a one-day or Multi-days trip within Morocco, "UpToMorocco" offers private tours all around the country including ChefchaouenMeknes 

and Volubilis,Ifran or the "Switzerland of Morocco", or the Sahara Desert to discover the mysteries and the wonders of Merzouga.

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  Is it safe to visit Morocco?

Yes, it is very safe, Morocco is the embodiment of one of the safest countries in the world, thanks to the combination of the country where the crime rate is very low and its government that is always proactive in protecting their guests and locals.

  Can I drink in Morocco?

Although a predominantly Muslim country, Morocco is not dry. Alcohol is available in restaurants, liquor stores, bars, supermarkets, clubs, hotels, and discos. Some Moroccans enjoy a drink although it is disapproved in public places. The local brew of choice carries the highly original name of Casablanca Beer.

  Is it a good idea to bring children to Morocco?

Absolutely yes, if you have children and willing to visit Morocco, you needn’t leave them in babysitting, you’d better bring them to discover something extraordinary.

  Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance should be obtained before leaving your country of origin. We don’t force anyone to purchase it. Local hospitals have limited diagnostic capability. Private clinics can be expensive, evacuation can cost a lot, luggage can disappear, so insurance is a good idea.

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